Journalist Asked Nomia a strange Question and Here’s What She Said

Journalist Asked Nomia a strange Question and Here’s What She Said

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It ended in tears for Nomia Ndlovu today after she was found guilty in some of the cases that were laid against her.

Besides being a criminal, Nomia has turned out to be this mini celebrity as her case gained a lot of public interest and her behaviour perpetrated that.

Nomia Ndlovu was asked by a journalist today about her emotions after she was found guilty and she just looked at her with some attitude.

As much as Nomia Ndlovu did not speak words with her mouth, but most people could see the devastation in her eyes and disappointment.

All of that comes after the court found Nomia Ndlovu guilty on 6 counts of murder.

Nomia was also found guilty of fraud, defeating the ends of justice and incitement of murder.

Nomia Ndlovu is expected to return to court on the 5th of November for her sentencing.

During the court case today, there were a lot of things that were mentioned by the judge as evidence against Nomia.

One of the main things that the judge talked about is the evidence that was brought forward by the hitman that was sent to kill Nomia’s mother.

Before reading the judgement of Nomia, the judge mentioned that the evidence they have against Nomia Ndlovu has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.


Nomia’s case has been obvious to many people after that video that was shared online whereby she was talking with unidentified men in a private car.

Some things that were said about her were really traumatizing and shocking and they are all very far from being understandable.

The behaviour that Nomia Ndlovu has been showing when attending her court cases were really questionable for many people.

Nomia is expected to be sentenced on the 5th of November as she returns to court.

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