It Was Connie Ferguson’s Daughter And Now It’s Minnie Dlamini

It Was Connie Ferguson’s Daughter And Now It’s Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini Jones has entered 2022 with a few changes here and there and fans have been going bananas on social media.

The media personality and businesswoman have been having the best time of her life in Cape Town since earlier this week. She was joined by her girl gang reflecting on the past year while also wrapping up everything that ever happened.

Meanwhile, Minnie Dlamini Jones and her girls have been gearing up for the new year. Now that 2022 is finally here the media personality didn’t hold back when it comes to showing her dear fans what she’s all about this year. Taking to Instagram Minnie Dlamini inundated fans with sultry pics that introduced her new ‘lewk’ (as the new age kids spell it these days) to everyone.

Seemingly Minnie Dlamini Jones will be fostering ‘hot girl vibes’ year long and we’re already hooked with everything. In the pic, the mother of one can be seen donning a sexy brown set that flaunts all her assets. Minnie didn’t say much in her caption. She only wished everyone a happy new year.

Of course, no one would blame her for saying less because the pics say a lot. Fans quickly flooded her comment section with compliments. Some even begged her to play fair with the lit content, cause she’s been applying pressure for a while now. But what can we say? Content is content, there’s no such thing as playing fair.

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