It Can’t Be:Dudu Zuma Shocks Mzansi As She Reveals Her Age

It Can’t Be:Dudu Zuma Shocks Mzansi As She Reveals Her Age



Former President Jacob Zuma is one President who has continuously made headlines the previous year. For one, he lacked the courage to take the witness stand at the Zondo Commission in his defense due to people like Sydney Mufamadi and Loyiso Jafta who implicated him in corruption.

According to the duo, the former head of state used state institutions for financial benefit, including fighting his ex-wife Mantuli, a good example that was emulated by one of his ardent supporters, Malusi Gigaba.

Then were allegations of the embezzlement of millions of taxpayer monies to fight the ANC factional battles. Things went wrong in the previous administration, and the law has been serious about making an example of Zuma, so much that it appeared like he was being attacked by the South African judiciary.


Through it all, his supporters have been by his side through thick and thin. His daughter Duduzile has been his biggest cheerleader, and she has been dragging the judiciary system for wanting to send her soon to turn 80 father to prison, regardless of his age and health condition.

Taking to Twitter to wish her followers a Happy New Year, Duduzile has revealed that whilst her father is turning 80 years old this year, she will be turning 40, which is half of his age.

Public’s Opinion

For obvious reasons, this has shocked the masses who thought that she was still in her early thirties. Many of her fans are saying that Dudu is aging like fine wine, and they aren’t sure if she takes after her father who still looks as ‘young’ as 65. Some have advised her to keep taking care of Zuma, whilst others are calling her ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’.

Author’s Opinion

There is a narrative that a woman does not reveal her age, which might be true especially for those that look 10 years older than they really are. However, if you are aging as gracefully as Dudu Zuma, then one can celebrate her age and not be afraid to reveal it.

They say that life begins at 40, may Dudu enjoy all that this new era brings.

Menopause, you name it.

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