Is entertainer Wendy Gumede ‘Rachel’ from Scandal heading for an exit? see what will happen next

Is entertainer Wendy Gumede ‘Rachel’ from Scandal heading for an exit? see what will happen next

Is entertainer Wendy Gumede ‘Rachel’ from Scandal heading for an exit?: see what’s going to appear next


The entertainer Wendy Gumede displayed on our monitors at the equal time as the Kubeka own family performed Rachel’s person at the ETV Soapie Scandal.

In the modern Scandal episode, Rachel changed into asking the closing conceived toddler of the Kubeka circle of relatives Zenzele, nicknamed Zen, to save her life. should this be her method of leaving Scandal tremendous?

Rachel’s person on Scandal

Rachel performs a youthful worker in the Uthuli Waste organization on the foamy; the individual is likewise the special girl of the proprietor and CEO of the company she works for, Vukani Kubeka, otherwise known as Vuks. Rachel and Vuks have a mysterious relationship observed via Kubeka’s maximum younger baby Zenzele. Zenzele did not supply the entirety away to his mom Nomvula, who is hitched to Vuk’s; all things taken into consideration, he coerced Rachel by means of going about her obligations for his illicit copper exchanging facet hustle.

at the factor whilst Zenzele extorted his dad approximately telling Nomvula the information, Vuks admitted his treachery to his higher half to take out Zen’s influence over him. Later Vuk’s admitted, Rachel, become unloaded and was told to leave. unfortunately, Rachel might not depart on account that she’s experienced passionate emotions for Vuks. The CEO took a stab at convincing her, but it did not work; all matters considered, she took steps to find Kubeka’s own family’s greatest thriller that would mortgage Zen in authentic hot water.

developing on Scandal

harmony is lifeless set on never locating himself combined up with the inconvenience, this qualifies with crossing paths with his circle of relatives and crossing paths with the law, and he’s going to continue to be determined to secure himself; he is tested to do as such via medicating his uncle to get away from the towns.

concord took Rachel to open bushveld previous to confessing to the special form of mystery to a writer and pointed Rachel with a firearm with a solitary projectile calling it Russian Roulette. She ought to speak and ship him to jail; the Kubeka circle of relatives might likewise get horrible publicity. Assuming he kills Rachel, then, at that point, his thriller might be protected until the cease of time. The inquiry is, how far is Zenzele able to cross to attend to himself?


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