In stock top Cop that tried to expose PPE corruption was poisoned. Look what more happened to him.

In stock top Cop that tried to expose PPE corruption was poisoned. Look what more happened to him.

The mystery surrounding the murder of senior officer Lieutenant-General Sindile Mfazi has intensified, with police sources confirming that he was poisoned, not killed by Covid-19. Mazi was poisoned with casting resin, a highly toxic and dangerous chemical compound used to create and construct molds, plastic toys, and figurines, according to News24. Lieutenant-General Sindile Mfazi.

Three top police officials informed News24 that a toxicology examination of Mfazi’s bones revealed he had been poisoned with resin. Vomiting blood was a symptom of resin poisoning, as was extreme discomfort in the gut, mouth, ears, and eyes, as well as drooling. Mazi, the police’s second in command and in charge of crime detection, died in July. It was stated at the time of his death that he died of Covid-19.

However, when accusations of poisoning appeared, his corpse was excavated and submitted for toxicological testing. According to one account, the consequences of casting resin intoxication are identical to those of carbon monoxide poisoning. He bled profusely. He was suffocating due to bleeding from his lips, nose, and ears. Blood was strewn throughout. See the source image

Mazi was a seasoned career officer with over 40 years of service. According to the source, the police suspected foul play when large quantities of papers and data were removed from his residence. “His home was demolished immediately upon his death. They took away his paperwork, data, and laptop. We suspect foul play since Mfazi was working on very sensitive cases. He was conducting an investigation of the police department’s acquisition of personal protective equipment. We believe that the removal of records and data from his residence is intended to conceal substantial financial offenses related to the acquisition of PPE.”

Another police officer said that Mfazi was unearthed at his brother’s urging, a Cape Town-based lawyer. “He was discussing the PPE inquiry with his brother. The family was unsatisfied with the explanation that Covid-19 was responsible for his death. His brother pleaded with us to exhume him. We did, as shown by toxicological findings. He was unquestionably poisoned. He had been suffocated with resin. We are currently investigating a murder case “The officer said. See the source image

According to the third story, he contacted his wife the morning he died to inform her that he was ill. He was discharged from a day clinic after being diagnosed with Covid. Clearly, it was not Covid-19. If that were the case, he would have been allowed. According to the officer, Mfazi’s bedroom was cleaned with “powerful” chemicals to erase any signs of blood.

“You are aware that forensic experts may discover blood on a crime scene even after it has been cleaned and washed. However, there are no signs of blood in this instance. Any of this indicates that powerful chemicals were employed to completely eradicate all signs of blood from the site.” He said that the police had seized various things from Mfazi’s home for forensic examination. See the source image

Brigadier Vish Naidoo, the police spokesman, acknowledged that Mfazi’s corpse had been excavated and that a criminal inquiry was presently underway. “We can affirm that the corpse of General Mfazi was excavated and that toxicological tests were undertaken. However, I cannot disclose the results of those tests since they are part of the criminal investigation “As Naidoo said. Naidoo said, “The police are now investigating a murder case.”


Top cop looking into PPE procurement ‘definitely’ poisoned – files, laptop ‘removed’ after his death | News24

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