I Will Unleash The Truth, That Will Not Only Shock Mzansi, But The World_ Zuma Drops Bombshell

I Will Unleash The Truth, That Will Not Only Shock Mzansi, But The World_ Zuma Drops Bombshell

Former president Jacob Zuma’s little girl Duduzile is telling us the way in which she feels about the embarrassment including Ramaphosa

She’s one to talk: Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla has never been modest with regards to her hatred for President Cyril Ramaphosa, one of her dad’s political enemies. Like his ancestor Jacob Zuma, Ramaphosa has been standing out as truly newsworthy for every one of some unacceptable reasons – he has recently been approached to clarify eyebrow-bringing remarks he made up in a spilled sound recording.

In the clasp, Ramaphosa apparently confesses to being familiar with public assets being utilized for the ANC’s administration crusades and can be heard saying he would prefer to commit suicide over gifts to his 2017 mission for the ANC administration – then have the public learn about the previous.

Indeed, Zuma-Sambudla is apparently savoring the way that daddy dearest hasn’t included unmistakably in any news stories recently and that everyone is focused on President Cyril Ramaphosa. She took to Twitter on Wednesday evening, 25 January 2022, and alluded to Ramaphosa as ‘Mampara of the Week.’

‘Mampara of the Week’ is a famous component on TimesLive, which names and disgraces a notable individual who overwhelmed the consistent pattern of media reporting that specific week for every one of some unacceptable reasons. From government officials to TV stars and competitors – no one is absolved from being delegated for their absolute ineptitude or whatever else comes into question.

Jacob Zuma, Tokyo Sexwale, Gwede Mantasha, Andre De Ruiter, Gareth Cliff, and even Zuma-Sambudla herself have all been named ‘Mampara of the Week’ by the distribution in the beyond a couple of months.

Zuma-Sambudla’s tweet will probably be valued by Ramaphosa’s naysayers, remembering those for the ANC. Yet again however not many of them would articulate their thoughts in the open and bring factional fights inside the party into the public area.


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