I Gave Birth To A Dog: LadyDu’s Angry Father Exposes And Embarrasses Her In Public

I Gave Birth To A Dog: LadyDu’s Angry Father Exposes And Embarrasses Her In Public

Social media has been buzzing following the video that went viral and did rounds on social media. This is a video of Lady Du’s father who did the unexpected and left the country in shock. Lady is a South African award-winning popular musician known for good Amapiano songs. She is one of the popular musicians who have been in the entertainment industry for a long time representing South Africa on international platforms. Over the past years, she worked so hard and made people happy because of the music that she makes.

Many people seem to be more impressed with the work that she does but to others, it’s a different story. She made a post and told the world that her father has not been supportive of her while growing up. She revealed that she never got the life that she wanted as a child all because of her father who cared less. You should recall that a year ago she revealed that she grew up driving cars bought by her father and he helped her to travel the world but now she accused him of being a father who does not care.

Her father did a video and finally spoke about what Lady Du said about him. Although she has already deleted the post he saw it fit to address the country and tell his side of the story. He did reveal that he was nothing but supportive to her as a father and gave her the best possible life ever. He is the one who sent her to school and taught her everything about music. Now she is calling him a useless father. He took it to social media to reveal how hurt he is by his daughter’s words. ” I gave birth to a dog in a human form,” he said.


The public believes that Lady Du was not fair to her father and they believe that she just wanted to get a life compared to others when growing up. When growing up it’s not everything that children will get access to and she should not blame her father. On the other side, people believe that her father should not have called her a dog in public. Why is your take on this matter? Share your views in the comment section and follow for more news.

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