How a rapist reacted when Kedisaletse told him she was HIV positive before he raped her

How a rapist reacted when Kedisaletse told him she was HIV positive before he raped her

Below is a video in which a rape survivor , Kedisaletse Thure was narrating her rape ordeal at the hands of three different men. She narrated how her second rapist reacted when she told him that she was HIV positive before he eventually raped her . Watch the 2:23 long video report below .

In the video above , Kedisaletse was narrating how three men raped her and how she was turning the pain into hope . From the 0:11- 0:27 minutes , the 49 year-old said that she was still angry with what happened to her . She said that she would have been HIV negative had she not been raped by the first attacker .

She went on and said that when she was being raped for the second time , she informed her attacker regarding her HIV status . In response , the attacker allegedly said that he was not afraid of her positive HIV status . The third attacker was not moved either by her positive HIV status .

Between 0:27 and 0:54 minutes , the rape survivor likened being raped to death . She said that rape was a form of killing in which someone would take away one’s dignity . Its good to note that Kedisaletse said that as a survivor , she was educating members of the community about rape .

It is heartbreaking that rape cases continue to surge in South Africa despite the efforts that are put in place to put an end to the ordeal . In accordance with the SABC , there were more than 10 000 rape cases that were reported in South Africa between the months of July and September 2022 . This shows that there is a long way to go before Gender-Based Violence can come to an end in South Africa .

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