Hero Taxi Driver Being Congratulated For Saving 15 Lives In Pongola Accident

Hero Taxi Driver Being Congratulated For Saving 15 Lives In Pongola Accident

Meet the driver who saved lives of 15 passengers and many people would like to congratulate him for his good driving skills, the taxi driver was able to ensure that he avoids the accident.

Which was certainly coming for him as well as the passengers of the car and the incident could have definitely ended his life, as well as the lives of the passengers of the vehicle.

People are simply congratulating him and recognizing that his skills are very impressive considering that he just saved 15 lives, more than a lot of people can say because of what he has done.

He managed to avoid the whole situation and you could see the vehicle was certainly headed for him and he simply avoided it, which could have happened.

Unfortunately for the other people who happened to be in other people’s vehicles, they faced a certain death and they died in that incident. That accident simply claimed many lives of people and till this day there are a lot of people who are reeling in shock, to the fact that this truck driver was in a situation where he was running away from the police.

Unfortunately, he crashed into a Bakkie that happened to be coming from school and which also happened to have about 20 children loaded up at the back. The incident was quite tragic because the Bakkie driver was completely in the right, but the truck driver chose to the end people’s lives because he was running away from the police.

A lot of people on social media have gone on to congratulate him and speak well of his driving skills, because they’re the ones that saved the many lives of their children. We hope that we can have more drivers like this, who will be able to use their skills in order to avoid incidences that would otherwise claim their lives.


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