Here causes to Why Tshepo ‘Lerumo’ Mosese Is Leaving Scandal!

Here causes to Why Tshepo ‘Lerumo’ Mosese Is Leaving Scandal!

There is a widely popular and often metaphorical expression which says, “a week is a long time in politics”, this can be loosely translated to mean, plenty of things can happen in quite a short time in the political arena; if you can ask ANC members who belong in diametrically opposed factions, they would most certainly tell you tales about this.

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In recent months, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s dominating faction in the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC), seemed to have had their boot on the RET throat, this after a slew of suspensions to big proponents in that particular faction.

Ramaphosa’s purge of the RET is believed to be his move to wrestle the soul of the ANC away from his opponents and to also have his tight grip on the party ahead of the local government elections and beyond.

There is a sense in which consigning his opponents to the political doldrums is perceived as a move to facilitate his seamless re-election at the 2022 ANC conference.

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However, the road is seemingly not going to be just plain sailing, as the RET faction is equally still kicking and screaming, attaining small victories here and there along the way.

After the well-documented suspension of Secretary-General Ace Magashule in May, the ANC leadership pursued his most-trusted ally, the MKMVA spokesperson, Carl Niehaus who had gone rogue and was continuously making disparaging remarks about Cyril’s leadership and co.

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But they eventually managed to pin him, as they issued a suspension of his membership in July after he made inflammatory speeches outside former president Jacob Zuma’s Kandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal. Niehaus was accused of bringing the party into complete disrepute and he was said to have violated the party’s rule 25.17.

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Meanwhile, in what is most definitely a big victory for the RET faction, Niehaus took to micro-blogging platform Twitter to express his happiness and gratitude to Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte after she sent him a letter confirming that his suspension had come to an end.

“I can confirm to all comrades who have enquired that I have received a letter today from the DSG of the ANC that the temporary suspension of my ANC membership has lapsed, and I am again a member of the ANC in good standing. VIVA ANC! ✊🏾,” Niehaus twitted.

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Be that as it may, Niehaus’ end of suspension is not the end of his troubles with the ANC, he was recently fired from his position in the Secretary-general’s office after he led a protest of fellow employees for their unpaid salaries.

Getting his membership back must be feeling very good for him, otherwise, he would be debarred from campaigning for the party ahead of the November polls, and most probably miss out on the military veteran’s conference later this year which he has championed.

What do you make of the Niehaus’ second chance saloon after the lifting of his suspension? Does he have to behave a little bit better?

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