Here Are Reasons To Implement immediate Lockdown Level 4 From Monday Until 05 January 2022

Here Are Reasons To Implement immediate Lockdown Level 4 From Monday Until 05 January 2022

It has been more than a month since South Africa has placed on level one lockdown. It was elevated to a new level as a result of a significant drop in the number of daily cases that were being reported. On September 30, 2021, we made the transition from adjusted level 2 to level 1. Since then, there has been encouraging evidence that we are actually on the verge of defeating this pathogen. However, there were usually large gatherings and demonstrations for political advocacy campaigns even during the local government elections, despite the fact that the number of daily instances was extremely low.

However, immediately following the elections, the number of reported instances began to climb once more, albeit this time in a more normal manner. Following the increase in the number of daily cases, it was stated that the fourth wave of COVID had been found in Mzanzi, just a few days after the increase in the number of daily cases. Many folks were taken aback because they believed we had genuinely triumphed over the odds.

The President delivers a speech to the country shortly after the detection of the fourth wave. Everyone had been anticipating his arrival. He was supposed to switch the lockdown level from one that had lax controls to another that had stricter regulations as quickly as possible, but he didn’t. The president instead indicated that the country will remain at level 1. People were pleased when this information was made, and several expressed their delight by saying that they would be able to enjoy the holiday season this year, as opposed to the previous year.

The bad news is that the number of new cases has steadily climbed, and this has had a negative impact. This suggests that the level 1 limitations are not strict enough to prevent or reduce the spread of this infection, and instead are making the situation worse rather than better. The total number of new cases that were recorded yesterday was 16366. Is a more stringent lockdown level required in this situation?

Following all of this, I produced an opinion in which I recommended that the president implement a more stringent lockdown level 4 from as early 06 December 2021 to 5 January 2022, starting as soon as possible. Because it is the holiday season, people will be traveling from one place to another, spreading the virus to different people. By doing so, we will be able to slow the spread of this virus. Higher education is on the verge of being phased away. Students will be moving from one province to another during their time in the program. Those who have traveled to other provinces for jobs or for other reasons will be returning to their native province. Some people will be taking a vacation. As a result, the lockdown must include a prohibition on interprovincial travel as well as a prohibition on the sale of alcoholic beverages because those who are intoxicated do not adhere to the rules. One measure that needs to be implemented is a ban on unvaccinated people from going to the grocery store since they put others who have been vaccinated at risk of contracting a disease.

What are your thoughts on this point of view? Do you believe that if the government is able to put these measures in place, lives can be saved? Please share your thoughts in the section below.


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