Here Are 5 SA Celebrities Who Ended Their Own Lives Due To Depression. Depression Is Real

Here Are 5 SA Celebrities Who Ended Their Own Lives Due To Depression. Depression Is Real

Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects the way you think and act. In the African community, we don’t take depression seriously and we don’t get professionals to help us process and deal with our emotions. Understanding mental health is the first step in uncovering why our very famous and popular South African celebrities committed suicide.

What Is Depression:
Depression causes feelings of sadness and loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed. Anything can trigger emotions of depression, it can be financial troubles, loss of a close friend or family member, alcoholism, use of drugs, or a big mistake made and the person can’t seem to forgive themselves. Dealing with depression is not easy because even when the individual is happy and trying to be positive, they still have negative thoughts and emotions they can’t shake and it leads to the person hating themselves because they can’t be happy even if they wanted to. That is why it is key to speak to a professional because the negative thoughts and feelings become a burden over time.

Riky Rick (23 February 2022)

In 2020, the award-winning rapper opened up in his podcast show, Lab Live, about his battle with chronic depression after the death of his father. He said that he lost his father at a time when he needed him most and couldn’t get over his death. He also once tweeted that ” You need to be strong to be in this industry because you will experience so much pain. More pain that you came in with. This industry is going to amplify that pain”.

The signs were always there but unfortunately, his outcry was never heard or acknowledged and on 23 February 2022, Riky Rick took his own life.

Patrick Shai (22 January 2022)

Just recently this year, veteran actor, Patrick Shai took a video of himself insulting Cassper Nyovest, in the video, he challenged Cassper and used vulgar language that involved the rapper’s mom. And due to this, he received a lot of backlash from Cassper Nyovest and social media users. And then a few days before his passing, he publicly apologized to Cassper Nyovest and mentioned how he regretted his actions and will accept the consequences that come with them.

And little did we know how much this affected Patrick Shai, he clearly did not forgive himself and deeply regretted his actions which led to him taking his own life due to depression.

Nichume Siwundla (7 June 2019)

Local singer Nichume Siwundla was battling depression and officially lost that battle. She was going through big financial problems when she learned how dark the South African entertainment industry can get. Her record label allegedly cheated her of money, even though she was rising in fame, her wallet was not getting any bigger. The financial stress and pain officially got the better of Nichume and just days after her 27th birthday, she took her own life.

HHP (24 October 2018)

Motwako rapper, Jabulani Tsambo who is famously known as HHP battled depression for a long time in his life. Although he was always smiling, rapping about positivity and good feelings, he was battling depression on a daily basis. And the lowest point of his life was when his career went downhill, it became harder for him to deal with his negative emotions.

On the 24th of October 2018, HHP ended up taking his own life and officially lost his battle with depression.

Shoki Mokgapa (26 September 2018)
Award-winning South African actress Shoki Mokgopa was very talented and had a huge potential to make it as an international superstar. However, Shoki was openly dealing with a long struggle with clinical depression and anxiety. And although she fought hard to stay sane, her condition got the best of her and she ended up taking her own life on 26 September 2018.

If you have symptoms of depression, don’t take it lightly…get help while you still can. Call 0800 567 567 and get help right away.

A friendly piece of advice to every social media user is to please use your words nicely. You never know what another person is going through and your negative remarks could be the last push that leads to a person taking their own life because they can’t handle it anymore. Let’s be positive and use our words wisely, instead of ruining someone’s day…make it!

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