He left her a note that says ” welcome to ARVs world” after he drugged and raped her

He left her a note that says ” welcome to ARVs world” after he drugged and raped her

Rape is a kind of sexual assault in which the attacker has sexual contact with the victim or otherwise penetrates their sexually private areas without their permission. Among the many forms of sexual assault, rape is the most serious. A person who lacks the legal capacity to provide authorization may still find themselves subject to the conduct in question or to other forms of coercion, abuse, or bodily harm. Anyone under the age of consent, whether they be sleeping, unable to communicate, intellectually impaired, or otherwise, falls into this category. Also, a minor who is not of legal age cannot legally provide consent. In certain contexts, the terms “sexual assault” and “rape” may be used interchangeably.

Correct use of antiretroviral drugs has the ability to treat and prevent HIV infection (ARVs). They fight HIV by impeding the virus’s ability to replicate itself within the body, which is the main mode of transmission for the disease.

Someone had raped her all night, and when she woke up, she found a note on her pillow that said, “welcome to the ARVs world,” indicating that the man who had written it was HIV positive. Both of these things occurred to the girl who was allegedly drugged at a bar. Somewhere throughout the night, a man raped her, and when she awoke, he was still there. All because of these two things happening to this lady.


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