Grave! Unathi opens up about how hard her year was and how she lost everything

Grave! Unathi opens up about how hard her year was and how she lost everything

Unathi Nkayi (born November 6, 1978 in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape) is a judge on the South African talent competition show “Idols SA,” but she is also a singer, actress, and radio presenter. While Unathi Nkayi has been a judge on South African Idols for a long time, DSTV decided not to renew her contract this year due to “certain conduct that makes the collaboration uncomfortable going forward.” The erosion of confidence between the two sides was substantiated by Kaya 959 as a result of a number of occurrences.

Although Unathi has not addressed the public with her feelings about losing these two contracts, it is reasonable to presume that she is disappointed. She had been keeping her feelings about this to herself until now. Find out what Unathi has disclosed by reading on.

After losing everything, I was subjected to a year of the most intensive and excruciating treatment because of a biased narrative that many people were willing to take at face value.

My therapist originally suggested I try medication back in May. I hit rock bottom, and as a result, I began using tranquilizers and anti-anxiety drugs. Since we decided against medicine, it was up to me to generate the drive to begin a regular routine of exercise. So that you can appear before me.

My dad’s words of wisdom were to be steadfast in my therapy and to take pleasure in seeing my employees devour each other. You can be sure that the three people who conspired against you had no ethics.

The therapy session I had today was quite therapeutic for me.

A lot of people didn’t know Unathi was suffering, so this is unfortunate and upsetting. Unathi’s friends and family thought everything was alright, but she was actually suffering silently, scared to speak up for fear of being judged even more harshly.


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