Granny found running her own police station for the past 8 years and she arrested 356 Criminals.

Granny found running her own police station for the past 8 years and she arrested 356 Criminals.

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Here in South Africa anything is possible.

It’s indeed a free country, anything is possible here, almost everything.

Yesterday in King Williams Town old woman has found been running her own police station for the past 8 years, She arrested 356 criminal a day, but all hail broke loose when she went to arrest the Chief for slaughtering a cow without her permission.

KWT is a remote village EC rain forest with no network coverage.

Seems like this granny she was doing a good job too. If SAPS won’t do their job, they leave a gap in the market for creative entrepreneurs

Officer Granny and his team arrested 4 people for drunk driving, but those people she arrested they don’t own cars, they were drinking in their houses. She didn’t even demand bribe to the Alcoholic drunken drivers.

We just heard that Granny and her team still investigating, that young man who looted shoprite cake, that kaizer chiefs supporter who was eating Shoprite cake roughly.

Once the boy is arrested, his going to face a serious punishment. That he will never forget it in his life.

Here is the Pictures of Granny’s SAPS team below:

The SAPS should employ that ones she’s made more arrest then Bheki Cele’s whole police career.

Actually this granny she’s the one who must employ. Government must just allocate funds to her, If she goes the other way shes become corrupt for cooldrink.

So is better for South African Police Services to let granny running her own police station peacefully without any disturbances. Because what she is doing is a wonderful job.

Just imagine arresting so many Criminals 356, even so many police station here in South Africa can’t even do what granny did. A great job that she needs to be rewarded for it.

In other words we call granny, or we can write her in the books of history in South Africa. Because no other country in the world wide can do what our hero granny she did.

Round applause to Granny and her team for doing the great job.

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