Grandmother; daughter and her 2 kids were killed by gunmen and the house burned down

Grandmother; daughter and her 2 kids were killed by gunmen and the house burned down

In the middle of the night of Wednesday; 7 September 2022; two assailants came knocking at the door posing as police officers. The Dlamini family; from Mtholo; Mtubatuba in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal; suspected that they were not who they purported to be.

Two families members exited the house using a back door; to spy on who the men were; but one of them was caught and a gun was put to her head and she was forced back into the house.

However; one of the family members; was unnoticed; so she chose to remain outside the yard and hid; the dark of the night also helped to conceal her.

According to the survivor; the gunmen came looking for a family member; who does not live with the family; but visits over holidays. The gunmen said he had unlicenced firearms that they wanted.

When the family told the gunmen that the family member did not live there permanently; he only visited over holidays; they got irritated and started shooting the four family members.

They shot the grandmother; Thembekile Dlamini (60); her daughter; Nokuthula (43); and two children; Melukwanda (7) and the youngest child; Alondwe; who was just 13 months old. They then set the house alight.

The survivor who’s name has been withheld to protect her identity; watched all her relatives being killed and they could do nothing about it; any sign of her presence; could have got her killed as well.

Provincial Commissioner for the SAPS; Liteunant-General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi; has dispatched a task team; that will work tirelessly to search for the suspects who committed this henious crime and bring them to book.


The murder of elderly women and children; as young as 13 months; is on the rise and shows the decay of societal morals. Only a person who lacks conscience; would ruthlessly murder innocent children.

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