Good job SAPS: Look what they did to thieves in Mabopane, after they got caught with stolen Laptops

Good job SAPS: Look what they did to thieves in Mabopane, after they got caught with stolen Laptops

The item was taken from Pretoria North and followed all the way to Mabopane. Arrest and Recovery Go Well. We have a story that’s been getting a lot of attention on social media, which has made a lot of people pay attention. It has been said that a bunch of laptops were found on some guys who were arrested in Mabopane. This shows us for sure that crime will never stop in South Africa because thieves will always try to steal in any way they can.

We don’t even know where to run because we see those people everywhere. The saddest part is that they can break into your home and steal your things. People in Mzanzi are the real threat, but they will always blame immigrants.

SAns are criminals.

Good job. Today, we thank you for displaying the desired community faces. I was also looking to see if these were the same people who robbed us, but it turns out they were not.

Well done to the SAPS and traffic members and the community members who helped with the successful arrest, but you were supposed to be done with them. Arresting them won’t do anything because they’ll get out and terrorize the same community again.

Well done, the men in blue are getting there, slowly but surely. Next time, they shouldn’t see the light of day. These people are evil because they killed their victims and let Bona go free.


Some students’ grades were lost when their laptops were stolen, and some people lost their jobs when company laptops were taken. Some families are still paying for the things that were stolen, and since they can’t afford insurance, they’ve lost everything. Do you think that’s important to criminals? We share our world with animals.

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