GOD is Good, Sophia Ndaba recent Looks will inspire you:PHOTOS

GOD is Good, Sophia Ndaba recent Looks will inspire you:PHOTOS

Whenever you mention a celebrity who has been through a lot over the course of the preceding several years in South Africa, you are almost guaranteed to bring up Sophie Ndaba. A lot has happened to the former generation actress and businesswoman in the last several years, particularly when she was diagnosed with diabetes, for which she is currently undergoing treatment and is currently battling.

After being sacked from her job at Generation in 2014, she was diagnosed with sugar diabetes. According to her, she has lost a substantial amount of weight over the years as a result of her high blood sugar levels, which she discussed in an interview with the morning Express on SABC 3. Sophie, on the other hand, is convinced that the sickness was the root cause of her near-fatal experience.

The situation has come to the point that some are even posting on social media that she has passed away, despite the fact that she is still alive. Sophie further admitted that the illness had an impact on her not just physically, but also emotionally and financially. Recently, reports have surfaced that the celebrity has ended his or her long-term relationship with a long-term lover max Lichaba.

So even though Sophie Ndaba has seen major weight loss and has experienced significant changes in her life as a result of the illness, she remains unapologetic when it comes to maintaining a good appearance and taking care of herself. Ndaba appears to be improving and healing nicely, based on her most recent photographs taken. Consequently, she dresses nicely and wears makeup wherever she goes, which prevents her from feeling embarrassed of herself, in contrast to other patients who feel sorry for themselves.

Take, for example, the photographs taken recently of Sophie Ndaba, who appears to be in a state of exceptional beauty.

What are your thoughts on Sophie Ndaba’s most recent public appearances, taking into consideration your own point of view and how you see things? Do you agree that God is indeed working overtime for her? Please share your opinions in the comments section below, and remember to follow us for future updates.

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