Gangrene caused Israel Matseke Zulu’s Right Leg is amputated 

Gangrene caused Israel Matseke Zulu’s Right Leg is amputated

Israel Matseke Zulu is a South African seasoned actor, poet, and dancer who is most remembered for his prominent role as GP Marange in the SABC1 drama series Gaz’lam. He is the second of five children born in Alexandra Township. He aspired to be famous as a young child. Some of his memorable casting roles were in number Number and Yizo Yizo amongst others.

There were reports a few weeks ago that the well-known and most loved South African actor was leaving Gomora due to ill-health. At the time, the reports revealed that he had trouble with walking. After all these reports, Israel Matseke Zulu released an official statement on his Instagram account about the condition of his health as well as the reason why he left the award-winning telenovela Gomora.

In his statement as provided below. He explained to all his fans that he was diagnosed with a disease that affected the functioning of his legs which made it harder for him to effectively perform his role. He stated that he requested the writers and producers of the show to write him off, which they respectfully did.

It was reported that he was diagnosed with Gangrene, which is an illness that comprises the death of body tissue due to lack of blood flow or bacterial infection.

Sunday world exclusively reported recently that the seasoned actor had his leg cut off as a result of his illness. The actor affirmed that he was recovering after the operation procedure on his right leg in a short interview with Sunday World on Friday.

This is a trying time for the actor and his family and they need all the support they can get from the fans. Unfortunately, anyone can get this deadly illness. We wish Israel Matseke Zulu a speedy and quick recovery and we can’t wait to see him gracing our screen and entertaining us soon.





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