Flabba’s family responds to his killer Sindisiwe Manqele’s release

Flabba’s family responds to his killer Sindisiwe Manqele’s release

News about the release of Sindisiwe Manqele drove South Africans wold on social media.

Many were of the notion that she should not have been released.

Manqele had been convicted for the murder of Skwatta Kamp rapper Nkululeko “Flabba” Habibi.

Manqele stabbed Flabba in March 2015 after an altercation at his home in Alexandra, Johannesburg. He was 37 when he died.

His death sent shockwaves through the country with many people wanting the court to be harsh on Manqele.

But Flabba’s family has told the media that all is well and they have forgiven Sindisiwe.

Flabba’s brother Tshepang Habedi said he was aware of Manqele’s parole as correctional services were in contact with his mother.

“This was bound to happen. She is out. I have healed. I have accepted things a long time ago.

“I’m at peace with the whole thing. My mother, I presume, is also at peace with it. I spoke to her and she said there is nothing we can do.

“If we dwell on that we will be going backward.

“We have forgiven her. That is the only way we could move on. If we had not forgiven her we wouldn’t move on… It was very hard, trust me, but we had a conversation as a family and made that decision.”

Source: Sowetan Wed, 25 May 2022


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