Fans Still Can’t Get Over What Murdah Bongz Called Kairo And They Wonder How AKA Feels About It

Fans Still Can’t Get Over What Murdah Bongz Called Kairo And They Wonder How AKA Feels About It

A few days after Dj Zinhle celebrated her birthday, fans still can’t get over what Murdah Bongz called Kairo.

Dj Zinhle and Murdah Bongz’s personal lives have become one of the hottest topics in the South African entertainment industry as of lately. Whilst the Dj is known for being super private and protective of her private life, this time around it’s pretty much different.

That’s because the mom of two has signed up to let the entire country through her front door and let them have a glimpse of the life she’s living. That being said, there’s no way she can hide all the juicy news from the public.

On the 30th of December, the Umlilo hitmaker celebrated her 38th birthday, and fans, friends, and family took the opportunity to celebrate with her. One person, in particular, is Murdah Bongz who took to Instagram to gush about the love he has for Dj Zinhle.

However, out of the things he said about his partner, people couldn’t help but pay attention to how she referred to Kairo Forbes, Zinhle’s first child whom she shares with rapper AKA. This is how Murdah Bongz referred to Kairo that caught everybody’s attention.

“…I really appreciate the mother that you are to our children and the life partner that you are to me. Working under your guidance is a blessing I wake up every morning to be a better version of myself to you and our children, you inspire me to do my best madam. Thank you for everything Happy Birthday to you I wish you more blessings and may God bless you with your heart’s desires. I love you.”

For some reason, fans weren’t expecting Murdah Bongz to be referring to Kairo as her child just yet as they are still in the process of making Zinhle’s dream of having a blended family a reality. Fans quickly reacted to Bongz’s caption in the comment section. Others even questioned how did AKA feel about this. This is what they wrote.


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