Famous traditional healer (Sangoma) sends Julius Malema a short message

Famous traditional healer (Sangoma) sends Julius Malema a short message

e famous traditional healer who goes by the name of Ra; Sends the president of economic freedom fighters (EFF) a short message. Ra is a South African traditional healer who is famously known for consulting via Twitter and he has proven himself several times that he is indeed a real traditional healer and he works wonders.

A few months ago Ra predicted that the former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma will be arrested and there will be unrest in South Africa, which did happen, with that being said, everything that Ra says people take it seriously.

Earlier today, Ra took to Twitter to warn Malema about the storm that is coming his way and he prayed that Malema remains strong because it is about to get ugly “Baba Julius Malema you my elder and I respect all my elders. Something is coming for you am asking you to be very strong for the day to come. Don’t bend whatever they do to you. Your endurance will be rewarded by the ancestors of South Africa” said Ra.People are now worried sick about Malema and his well-being after this traditional healer said this “Can someone please assist” said a Worried Twitter user. Some Twitter users are assuming that someone wants Malema behind bars “They want to have him behind bars?” Asked a curious Twitter user.

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