Dj Sumbody’s family believes he was shot dead for this reason

Dj Sumbody’s family believes he was shot dead for this reason

The world is a challenging place. There are some bumps in the road that is human life. Which of these cannot be avoided? People can be cruel on the inside while also being very kind.

DJ Sumbody has won the hearts of South Africans with his incredible talent as a recording artist and DJ, events promoter and restaurant owner, label executive and culture icon.

The star, real name Oupa John Sefoka, was reportedly gunned down over the weekend, with the circumstances of his death still being investigated.

The family of amapiano pioneer DJ Sumbody is in shock following his untimely death.

His aunt, Motlalakadi Moshidi, told the Daily Sun that they are distraught and have closed their business.

She claimed that the people who murdered him did so out of jealousy. She went on to say that DJ Sumbody had a big heart and was always willing to help the family.

Sumbody will be remembered in business and music in the same way: as an unrelenting trailblazer who, even when the destination seemed unattainable and the path unclear, forged ahead against all odds.


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