Crying! Uzalo tackles GBV storyline and left many in tears

Crying! Uzalo tackles GBV storyline and left many in tears

Last night’s episode of Uzalo had people in tears. Over the last few weeks, we got to witness the toxic relationship between Njeza and Nosipho. In the climax of the story, we saw Njeza beat Nosipho to a pulp while by sanders watched and took videos. Some felt that this is the sad reality of GBV.

The storyline is to bring awareness to gender-based violence and to touch on what women go through. For some this is an everyday life that they lead. Too afraid to leave because of the beatings. The sad part is that most women end up dead. The small words to bring her down and then the small pushes and slaps eventually will lead to what we witnessed last night.

Njeza and Nosipho killed their roles. Check out some of the tweets below.

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