Condolences to Nontle Thema, What A Sad Way To Begin The Year

Condolences to Nontle Thema, What A Sad Way To Begin The Year

Nonhle Thema is a South African actress, producer, and TV host. She was born on October 15, 1981, and is the founder of Talent Coaching Academy.

In 1999, she graduated from Sundown High School in Johannesburg. Nonhle is best known for hosting the Channel O music programs O-Boma and O-Access.

Her first employment was as an event planner. In July 2009, she debuted as a cohost on V Entertainment, a daily live entertainment news show on the Vuzu channel, alongside Siyabonga Ngwekazi. She appeared on the reality show Nonhle Goes to Hollywood in 2011. She was the executive producer of her reality show, which was broadcast on the Vusu channel. In 2013, she starred in the docu-reality series Reality Check.

Cynthia Shange, a veteran actress, is her mother, while her father, Derrick, is a well-known journalist and author.

The New Year started as a happy one for many people because of how exhausting the previous year was and it was full of sadness, but unfortunately for some people, like Nontle, they did not start the year off with happiness, but they started it on a sad note for many individuals because they lost loved ones, and it seems it started off on a sad note for Nontle Thema too.

It was reported that her beloved father, Derrick, had unfortunately lost his life, and she shared the sad news on her Instagram page and also paid tribute to her wonderful dad, and this is what she said: “one of a kind, Derrick Thema, my father, I love you, forever a king. Rest easy daddy, I got you.” Say hello to the rest of the Thema family for me. ”

Condolences poured in for Nontle Thema and her family. Those who knew her father definitely knew her personality and the kind of man he was. A man that Nontle was very proud to call her father. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.



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