Condolences pours for Mnangagwa

Condolences pours for Mnangagwa

Sean Mnangagwa is the son of Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa is a member of Zimbabwean army. It is believed that he owns a car worth half a million dollars yet the salary of a mere soldier for the whole year can not buy a honda. Because of this corruption, some Zimbabweams feel like Mnangagwa should be removed in the upcoming elections of 2023

Bongi Kaunda 




condolences to the President, the First Lady, Sean and wife in particular and the entire First Family for the loss of Yasha. May the Lord comfort you at this difficult moment. MHSRIP

Mnangagwa’s son, Sean lost his 5 year old child that had respiratory problems. I guess the child is innocent didn’t deserve such a horrible exit on this earth at that age. But some Zimbabweans don’t feel sorry for Mnangagwa and his family considering the number of people his father killed.

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