Condolence messages are pouring in for Kelly Khumalo.Tears

Condolence messages are pouring in for Kelly Khumalo.Tears

It is always not easy to lose a person close to you. Some people we meet on the road as strangers and after some time, they became close friends and family, and when such people pass on, there is no way one can’t feel touched.

Message condolences are continuing pouring in for well-known South African soul singer, Kelly Khumalo after she announced that she has lost someone close to her heart, someone, she use to perform standing alongside.

South African singer and songwriter Kelly Khumalo has been struck with grief after the death of her friend and percussionist, Jacob “Teekay” Kotu.

Kelly Khumalo shared, “This I have not come to terms with and I don’t think I ever will. The pain is too much, I know I’m strong but no one prepared me for this.”

“How do I go on without my friend, my brother, my kid’s uncle, my mother’s child? How do I get on that stage without you?, says a broken Kelly Khumalo



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