Community Members Were Seen Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands



Community Members Were Seen Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands


South Africa’s most impoverished province is Eastern Cape, seems to be going through another phase whereby people are completely devastated about the situation that they are experiencing in the area and it seems like now they are taking matters into your own hands.

Basic necessities like access to water, paved roads, well-built schools, and police stations are unavailable to the residents of that province.

Despite their struggles, they continue to vote for the same ANC, whose municipal mayors are chowing down on funds to provide services to the populace. The people of the Eastern Cape are regarded as the ANC’s most dependable, and trustworthy allies because they do not want to break their promise to Tata Nelson Mandela.

Though after being let down by the government and Fikile Mbalula, images of Eastern Cape residents constructing their own roads have gone viral. As a result, they decided to take matters into their own hands in order to create safer roads for the protection of their vehicles.

They were caught on camera filling potholes in their gravel roads with soil and flattening the road by themselves, with no municipal government vehicle in sight.

However, despite their belief that these citizens deserved what they were going through because they are the primary supporters of the ANC, the very organization that oppresses them and keeps them in poverty, South Africans did not feel sympathy for those community members.

In an effort to show their dedication to the ANC, it was also revealed that 80% of the party’s votes in the most recent election came from the Eastern Cape. The criminality that is being perpetrated is quite a lot and many people want the crimes to be prevented in this country, before we get a serious problem.

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