Cent Twins shared some pictures with their husbands: then fans noticed this

Cent Twins shared some pictures with their husbands: then fans noticed this

Having a loving and caring partner is a blessing in disguise. There are different ways which reveal how exactly your partner loves you. The majority of women prefer taking pictures together with their partners, double dates with their friends or siblings.

Few days ago, the Cent Twins; Innocent Sadiki and Millicent Mashile shared some pictures of them holding a pregnant scan copy sharing wonderful news that they’re going to be mothers again. However, only one of them is pregnant but they didn’t reveal who exactly between the two of them is pregnant.

Innocent recently shared some pictures of them (she and Millicent) together with their husbands celebrating Millicent’s pregnancy on Instagram. The caption of the post was like: “And just like that… we’re going to be parents again. Baby #5 our family is growing we are so excited for our baby girl. She is loved so much and she’s not even here yet!… Milly is going to make the most fabulous girl mom, brace yourself.

Oh Yes! They’ve finally revealed who between of them is pregnant, Millicent is the one who’s pregnant, she is carrying the third born child. They even tagged their husbands on the post. Innocent’s husband is Phindulo Sadiki. He is a pastor, producer and TV Director. Then Millicent’s husband is Pontsho Mashile. It hasn’t yet been revealed what he does for a living.

People have noticed on the pictures that the Cent Twins’ husbands; Phindulo and Pontsho have same resemblances, they look alike, they are both dark skinned, baldy and all that. The comments from other celebrities and fans were like: “congratulations! are your husbands also twins? They so look alike”, “this is beautiful, but also their husbands looks like they are twins, now I believe this twin strong connection and having everything the same guys… wow! I love it”.

Anyway check out some of the comments below:

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