Casper’s Words After Patrick Shai’s Video Raise Suspicions_What Is Coming to You All Will Be Ugly

Casper’s Words After Patrick Shai’s Video Raise Suspicions_What Is Coming to You All Will Be Ugly

According to an African tradition, whenever someone is about to die, they do the most unexpected things. Some just start troubling people, and some start to behave in a way that people will even doubt their insanity. According to the elders, this is all a signal of death. It is a sign that your ancestors are calling you.

A few days ago, there was a trending video of a well-known actor, Patrick Shai, doing the most unexpected. If you ask around, Patrick Shai is well known for being one of the most humble men who are very respectful and always makes jokes, but what he was saying in that video shocked many people. Some even suspected that maybe he was going through a mental breakdown because what he was saying was very unexpected from him. In the video, he was telling Casper Nyovest that he wanted to beat him up before he died so that even when he died, it would be written on his thumb stone that this is the man who gave Casper a serious beating. He emphasized that it must be written on his thumb stone. He even went on to throw some insulting words.

In response to that, Casper Nyovest was very angry and touched, mostly because of the swearing words that included his mother. He tweeted that he is tired of people disrespecting his family and he can’t take it anymore. He concluded by saying, “What is coming to you all is ugly. Only God knows.”

Just a few days after Casper’s response to Patrick Shai, it was announced that Patrick was found dead in his garage after he hanged himself. His death came as a shock to many people, as no one ever suspected that he could do this. Following his death, many people have been saying different things about what might have caused his death.

Now people are blaming Casper Nyovest for Patrick Shai’s death because of the things he posted after Shai sweared at him. He said he was tired and what was coming for those who insulted his family would be ugly. Some people even said that maybe Casper threatened Mr. Shai and that is why he took his life. There have been so many negative comments and suspicions that Casper might have done something to threaten Mr. Patrick Shai.

People are fighting different demons. I broke that Patrick Shai was suffering from a mental breakdown. That is why he was acting out of control a few days before his death. It was just sad that Casper Nyovest happened to be the one to be blamed. Coincidences do happen, and I believe that there’s a coincident in this story.





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