Businessman Shot & Killed In Execution Style This Morning: RIP

Businessman Shot & Killed In Execution Style This Morning: RIP

R.I.P. Businessman Shot & Killed In Execution Style This Morning
By (self media writer) | 4 hours ago

In Mthatha, another another prominent businessman was shot and killed. The most recent victim, who was killed on Saturday morning close to Corhana, was known to DispatchLIVE. The fact that criminals are becoming increasingly accustomed to committing crimes and getting away with it is incredibly unsettling. This is not the first instance of a businessperson acting cute and getting killed—most often by someone they know. Another issue is that most businesspeople enjoy working with shady characters, which is why they frequently find themselves in precarious circumstances.


As long as criminals continue to get away with their crimes, killings won’t stop. Law enforcement agencies should be more strategic in their approach to dealing with crime. Many people are always hoping that the government will just introduce Death Sentence to end this whole criminality that is happening in the country. I hope additional information comes to light so that those responsible for the murder can be apprehended and put behind bars. May he rest in peace, his soul.

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