Breaking News: Jub Jub’s mom fears for her life

Breaking News: Jub Jub’s mom fears for her life

Mama Jackie claims to fear for her life after claims made against her and Jub Jub by Amanda Du-Pont and Masechaba Ndlovu.

Jub Jub’s mother, Jackie Kabi Mpambane (popularly known as Mama Jackie), has sought an urgent interdict against media personalities Amanda Du-Pont and Masechaba Khumalo (formerly Ndlovu), in an effort to stop them from speaking about her publicly.

This comes just weeks after she demanded an apology from them.

Among her laundry list of demands, Mama Jackie would like Amanda Dupont to take down the video she posted on 2 December 2021 in response to statements made about her by Jub Jub in his episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG that aired on Channel O and was subsequently posted online in late November.

Jub Jub’s mom also wants Amanda to retract statements she allegedly made accusing her of using witchcraft (muthi) to drug and/or influence Amanda.

In addition, she wants Masechaba to take down the statement that she posted a day after Amanda’s video was published, detailing her own alleged sexual assault at the hands of Jub Jub.

Mama Jackie would also like a judge to order the pair to pay her legal fees for seeking legal action against them.

“On 5 December 2021, a few days after the First Respondent posted her video on both Facebook and Instagram, I attended to the Southgate Mall in Southgate, Johannesburg South. Just as I was about to enter the shops, a stranger shouted at me that I was a witch,” read part of her application.

“Very quickly, a crowd of people gathered, shouting at me that I bewitched the First Responded, that my son did not go to jail because I was a witch and became progressively more aggressive to the point that I had to drive to my car and drive away.”

Jub Jub’s mom goes on to assert that none of the allegations made by Amanda were true, but that she is now unable to leave her home because she fears for her safety.

“I live on the main road and is well known by my community. Since the video has been posted, and since the event of 5 December 2021, I have experienced escalating hostile behavior from members of the community who drive past my home shouting at me, showing me the middle finger, and threatening me.”

It was claimed that Jub Jub’s mom “scammed” American media doyenne Oprah Winfrey out of millions.

She also addressed this in her letter, and admitted that although Winfrey donated $1.4 million (the equivalent of R8.1 million in 2005) to the Ithuteng Trust, “none of that money was ever taken or paid to me.”

Mama Jackie further claimed that assistance to Ithuteng often came in the form of resources, and was very rarely in the form of actual monies given to the school.

She shared a list of other donors who assisted the school after Winfrey’s donation, which include the likes of Brad Pitt, Cyril Ramaphosa, South African pulp, and paper company Sappi and Kruger Bus, to name a few.

Jub Jub’s mom also denied ever having kidnapped a journalist – an accusation that resurfaced shortly after her son trended on social media.

She concluded by addressing Masechaba’s claims, saying Masechaba never set foot in her home and proceeded to discredit Masechaba in her legal letter.

At the time of writing, neither Masechaba nor Amanda had publicly addressed Mama Jackie’s legal letter, however, they had filed responding affidavits which were shared on social media.

In both resplendent’s documents, they graphically detail their ordeals with Jub Jub, presumably in an effort to illustrate to the court why they said what they said.

In Amanda’s response, she accuses Jub Jub’s mom of abusing legal processes to silence rape survivors and states that her actions have an “ulterior purpose” behind them.

Her legal letter goes on to stress the seriousness with which witchcraft is treated in this country, and how the mere accusation of practicing it can have fatal consequences.

Shortly after Jub Jub’s video gained attention and Amanda and Masechaba came forward with their accusations, Mama Jackie began trending on social media, leading to many sharing their own stories about encounters with her – mostly from the time she ran a school in Soweto.