BREAKING: How Patrick Shai Abused His Wife Mmasechaba Shai For years

BREAKING: How Patrick Shai Abused His Wife Mmasechaba Shai For years


How Patrick Shai abused his wife Mmasechaba Shai for years. Patrick Molefe Shai is a filmmaker and actor from South Africa. However, the news and witnesses in such a situation come in numbers with what they thought they knew about the person. If it is a well-known thing his followers would have known a long time ago.

There are allegations that he once was an abuser, his wife was a victim of the circumstances of abuse by her husband. If things like that look to place you should not be relaxed at times people abuse out of ignorance and they need people who can deal with their situation.

Once you are being abused when you are younger you grow up with this hate and it lives within you and it drives you. Trauma, Stress, and depressions occur when you live in abusive conditions. Well, at a later stage it caught you and do the same things that were being done to you to your own family, if your children and your wife love you they try with all means to protect you.

To the Situation of Patrick Shai if you looked at him you can see that this father is having a lot of burdens within him he can’t deal with, the woman speaks about how things happened and she is the one who got him when he was no more to be found. Patrick thought of himself and forget that his actions will affect the whole family he has.



Her wife exposes that the man became abused when he was drunk. Because of love, she kept this a secret. Things that made them hide were that they wanted to protect his reputation and his dignity. If you want to get to know someone ask his family they will never lie. People must stop saying something that they are not sure not unless the family says something in public.

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