BEWARE Foreigners Are Now Doing This In Hillbrow

BEWARE Foreigners Are Now Doing This In Hillbrow

Be very careful when you’re on a bus in Hillbrow, foreigners are now so strict. [Read Down].

A viral video of a man who is alleged to be either a Nigerian or a Zimbabwean snatching wallet with phone inside the bus while standing outside in a broad daylight.

The video has left Mzansi in Shock and amazed. In the video, when the bus drove close to a robot (traffic light) and stopped, a man was spotted walking very fast close to the bus as if he wants to cross the road but had a very evil intention.

The video below:

He later deviated and timed a passenger from the bus window the grabbed the passenger’s wallet with phone in a broad day light. After doing that, he ran away by crossing the road to the other side and dived to a street nearby.

Read some reactions below:


This is very bad. This shows how weak South Africans are. If you watch the video, you’ll see that no one pursued him after doing that. He just ran away safe.

Why not implement a law for these foreigners i.e Nigerians and Zimbabweans? Hillbrow is no safer. Passengers are no safer. Passersby are no more safe in the country because of Foreigners.

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