BAD NEWS: South This Morning. 9 More People Confirmed Dead

BAD NEWS: South This Morning. 9 More People Confirmed Dead

After hot pressure from South Africans, the government decided to lift lockdown restrictions and this might be the worst decision they’ll ever make this year. 134 people have been reported dead, 9 from the last 24 hours and this means bad news for the family of the deceased who might have been praying for their swift recovery.

Most of the new Covid-19 cases came from Gauteng, followed by the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

As of Saturday 12 February, the total number of Covid-19 cases detected in South Africa was 3,637,673, with 2,489 new cases identified, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NICD) confirmed.

This corresponds to a positive percentage of 7.6%. 134 Covid-19-related deaths have been reported – 9 of which occurred in the last 24 to 48 hours – bringing the total death toll to 96,985. There was an increase of 43 hospitalizations in the last 24 hours


The total number of replacements was 3,500,826 with a replacement rate of 95.2%. Currently, the country has 42,351 active cases. To date, a total of 22,656,918 tests have been carried out in both the public and private sectors. The total number of vaccines shipped in the country so far is 30,555,190 as of Saturday.

With the way the number of positive cases keeps rising, do you think the Government should consider making vaccination mandatory or should everyone be left to decide whether they live, die, and infect their loved ones who will, in turn, infect others?

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