Bad news for South Africans from September

Bad news for South Africans from September

Albeit no petroleum cost increment is ever a welcome one, the image for September looks somewhat less upsetting than what we’ve seen in the course of recent months. In the interim, there’s uplifting news for diesel and paraffin clients.

Indeed, it’s another petroleum cost increment…

Following a progression of annihilating increments – making a record petroleum cost simultaneously – the circumstance appears to have settled for the current month. As indicated by the Central Energy Fund, the 95 Grade of petroleum will ascend by a pitiful seven pennies for every liter, and 93 grade is on course for an uptick of only two pennies p/l.

The discount cost of diesel is set to go DOWN by 12 pennies for every liter, and enlightening paraffin will likewise creep towards a less expensive worth, by seven pennies for each liter. Notwithstanding this negligible help, there’s not an incredible arrangement to celebrate.

Any increment at all will establish another standard at the petroleum cost in Mzansi. Presently worth R18.30p/l inland, drivers have never needed to oversee such wretchedness at the siphons. Diesel will likewise stay above R15.50p/l in certain pieces of SA.

What’s the thinking?

Both the Rand and global oil markets are liable for directing exactly the amount we’ll need to fork out for fuel every month. ZAR has been all over as of late, implying that there’s no genuine establishment for a drop in the petroleum cost.

The cost of raw petroleum has slowed down, and albeit that is prevented our homegrown expenses from expanding with expansion, it never really makes fuel less expensive on these shores. With about fourteen days among now and September, the image could change significantly. However, as per the Central Energy Fund, the early signs are disappointing for us all of us.

What will the petroleum cost be in September 2021?

As indicated by the most recent projections, this is the thing that we’ll be paying for fuel (per liter) from the beginning of the following month:


Petroleum: R17.65

Diesel: R14.90


Petroleum: R18.37

Diesel: R15.51

Petrol price to increase AGAIN in September – but it’s not all bad news… (

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