Baby missing as mother found dead

Baby missing as mother found dead

South Africa is becoming a very dangerous county to live in, for both women and children. There has been plenty of cases where by women are killed and raped and mostly by their significant others and children goes missing and most of them are always found dead.

The citizens of South Africa have been asking for the intervention from the leaders of the country, however that is yet to happen as women keep losing their lives in callous ways.

South Africans are left heart broken after the news of a deceased mother who is believed to have been murdered was found dead in her shack and her baby went missing.

People began to make assumptions and they are suspecting the father, however, someone revealed that, the father of the baby passed away last year, so it can not be him.

Others are saying, it could be the man she was dating who did this.

What is your take on this?

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