Another media personality is no more, see who it is

Another media personality is no more, see who it is

It is once again a bad year for the entertainment industry with Mzansi celebrities passing away one after another.

Vuyo Nogabo is a South African media personality known for being a musician. He is popularly known for having previously been a member of the Rhythmic Elements music group that no longer exists. He was part of the group together with musicians such as McKenzie Matome and Thapelo known as Master T Nkoana. Vuyo Nogabo has unfortunately passed on at the beginning of this week, according to information from one of his former group members, he passed away on Monday.

McKenzie Matome took to social media announcing his passing and said, “Thank you for the time, energy and laughter. The memories of you. Till we meet again. #RIP”.

This comes after Mzansi is still mourning for one of the best actors in the entertainment industry being the late Patrick Shai who took his own life recently. The late Angie Diale also forms part of those who recently lost their lives

We are still in the first month of the year, it is so sad how the entertainment industry has lost many talented people. All of those who passed on as part of the best in the mentioned industry played a huge role in growing it. However, there is always time for death even though it is never easy to get used to it. It was their time and they have played their parts. What is now left is for the public to be strong in prayers, praying for these re-occurring deaths especially in the entertainment industry.

Condolences to his family, colleagues, and all of those who were close to him. May all of them heal from his death and continue remembering him at all times.

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