Another ANC Top Member Unexpectedly Passes Away This Morning

Another ANC Top Member Unexpectedly Passes Away This Morning

The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering about what is happening with the number of death of the African National Congress. This is because in the last 15 days the ruling party has been slammed with a lot of death as they are pointed to a total of 3 people as now one of the best valuable party leaders and task organizers has passed on today. This is because the factions of the party are now leading to the ANC leaders being killed for something which the public wants to know.

Death is not something that people should be proud of as the well-known Shakespeare says. This is because the death of a loved one and those close to our people can heavily affect our lives with great desire.

Today the African National Congress was heavily welcomed with the passing of one of the best young confident men that was so vibrant in keeping the African National Congress youth league on a good path. Big Mathe was the task organizer of the party as he has managed to be one of the greatest deputy presidents of the ANC under the student structure.

Bingo was a smart young man with the ambition to stand for the truth when Ace Magashule was suspended in the ANC. His leadership skills were so different to understand, as he had big plans and dreams that shocked the leaders of the party.

Mathe’s family has lost a great hero and he will forever be missed, the family will love it if the media houses could leave the family to deal with the passing of one of their own.


What is your intake on this and why?

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