Anele Mdoda is looking sizzling

Anele Mdoda is looking sizzling

The radio DJ is looking slim and beautiful I must say. People have been seeing that the lady has been dropping kilos and she’s been posting beautiful pics. Although Anele caused a stir in the past weeks when she said Beyonce is beautiful than former bandmate Kelly Rowland and things took off from there, all the way to America and it seems as Kelly Rowland has been shading Anele wearing the same clothes. Whether she’s right or wrong it remains to be seen. We acknowledge and see the hard work she’s been putting in. Weight loss is more about your mental health pushing your physical self to do the work. Discipline is at the center of weight loss and Anele seems well disciplined. She did not really say what she did for weight loss for a while. She recently revealed that she runs and boxes. Let’s see her looking amazing.

She looked snatched in her red jumpsuit. She’s showing her beautiful transition.


Anele is definitely summer-ready unlike some of us. She looks and probably feels healthy.

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