Actor Sello Maake KaNcube Now Broke?

Actor Sello Maake KaNcube Now Broke?

You probably remember him as Archie Moroka from Generations, and if not, you have probably seen him in countless other shows and films. Sello Maake KaNcube was recently covered as one of Mzansi’s richest actors, but now it seems like the legendary actor is in financial trouble.

According to Sunday World, the actor is going through legal drama with his ex-wife Palesa Mboweni, whom he was married to for less than a year. Their divorce agreement stipulated that Sello would settle Palesa’s legal fees, and pay her an undisclosed amount regularly as spousal support. She was also supposed to sell him her share of the house they bought together in Soweto.

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But now, as the publication reports, he is allegedly struggling to come up with the money required of him. Supposedly, he has stated that he is out of work and as such, has not been making any good money of his own. He is being financed by his wife, so he will not be able to pay Palesa as discussed.

Sello and Palesa reportedly had a very toxic marriage, which is why it ended as quickly as it did. According to the actor, Palesa had cleared his closet and given away all his clothes, then set two of his cars ablaze. He said that she also shut him out of their house. Eventually, he figured the relationship was too toxic for his liking, so he filed for a divorce.


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This revelation couldn’t have come at a worse time, as Sello is just newly married. He and his new wife Pearl Mpho Mbewe just recently tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Ethiopia. The two have not been shy about expressing their affection publicly, and often post pictures of them together, celebrating their love.

But it looks like the universe just won’t let the motivational speaker have it all. In fact, it is surprising that he would say he is currently out of work thus broke because he is certainly one of the country’s OG actors.

He has an extensive acting portfolio and has even been in international films in Canada and the United States. He also recently launched a podcast. Does this news mean that his career is not going as well as we thought?

It may also mean that Pearl’s career is going great. She is an ANC official, so that may be why she is capable of supporting her husband at a time he is struggling. Good on her.

If the reports are true, then it’s quite unfortunate that the actor is in financial distress. We hope things get better for him soon. He is a magnificent actor and shouldn’t have a hard time getting back on screen, if that’s his goal.