A young boy left SA in tears as he committed suicide after his Former girlfriend did this to him

A young boy left SA in tears as he committed suicide after his Former girlfriend did this to him

It appears that dating is becoming more dangerous and dangerous as the years goes by, because ladies are taking advantage of the law and start accusing men of rape just because they got dumped.

Yesterday there was a trending tweet of a sad story of a young boy who was narrating what his ex-girlfriend did to him after their breakup. There’s a young boy called Nkosinathi Percy JR, who recently left South Africans after he revealed how he was falsely accused of Rape.

According to Nkosinathi , he was dating a girl called Amanda and their relationship lasted until November. After they broke up she went to the police station and opened a rape case against him, and the following morning, the cops came and arrested him.

Nkosinathi narrated that he spent 2 days in prison, until his mom bailed him out. He also revealed that everyone wanted to beat him at school, because they believed Amanda even before they could hear his side of the story. He explained that it was a sad moment, as he was also attacked by his varsity friends.

He also indicated that it was on a Thursday afternoon when he decided to do the unthinkable because he couldn’t go to prison for something he didn’t do. He also indicated that his spirit won’t rest and he will haunt Amanda for eternity.

After South Africans read his sad story, they were left heartbroken and in tears. Many people went to send condolences to his parents, because their son died a painful death just because of selfish women.

”What on earth is wrong with this generation of some girls/women…..💔💔💔💔💔💔.Our boy children are in trouble 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬,” a tweep said.

“Why can’t some women handle rejection very well mara, because this is not fair that now someone died at the cost of lying about rape,” another tweet added.


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