A woman confessed to spitting on the grave of late boyfriend every year after he did this to her

A woman confessed to spitting on the grave of late boyfriend every year after he did this to her

Not all love stories have a happy ending. Some love stories can be devastating and can even leave people as sworn enemies

A certain influencer on Twitter well known as Daniel Marven started a thread whereby he asked people to share stories of the worst thing their partner did to them when they were pregnant.

A lot of stories shared by women where the same whereby their baby daddies ran away and they were left to raise the kids on their own. Statistics does prove that there are a lot of single mothers in the country which could be evidence that the stories shared by these women were real. https://twitter.com/SthembileG98/status/1452968480828010509?t=r0JdA9g7JFYYFQ-MCsfGTQ&s=19

A certain lady however shared a heart-breaking story that touched a lot of hearts. She wrote “Beat me up until I lost the baby. Left me there on the road at night while it was raining. After 4 days he said “I’m sorry, I was drunk.” 13 months later after the incident he committed suicide. i still go to his grave to spit on it every 25th October. Now I’m nulliparous/sterile.”

A lot of people were saddened by her painful experience and the fact that she could not be able to have children anymore. What made it even worse was the fact that the p[person who had caused all her pain was no longer alive. She is still bitter and hurt and that is why she confessed to spitting on the late boyfriends grave on the 25th of October every year which is the day he died so that she can let out her frustrations as she is the pone left with pain.

Pregnant women are really fragile and sensitive therefore this story should be a lesson to other man to be careful when dealing with women who are [pregnant. Physical abuse should never be an option because the results can be permanent and and devastating and in the worst case scenario irreversible.


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