A Teacher Leaves Mzansi In Disbelief After Writing This On An Exam Sheet Of A Learner

A Teacher Leaves Mzansi In Disbelief After Writing This On An Exam Sheet Of A Learner.

Source: https://twitter.com/Phenzoooo/status/1435293976802779138?s=08

A learner dropped a trending script on Twitter that made many people see that some teachers in school encouraging our kids to work too much with what they write on the script. This is a good thing because there is no one that would like to see the kids failing at school while they have taken them there to learn. In other words, teachers should make sure that they Force those kids to learn because it might be that they are not serious. This is the teacher who was on that script really knows how to treat it and so many people are happy for him.

So many people are reacting because they have never seen such things happening to their kids like that. It has been said that some teachers I just never mind us, and they would make sure that if our kids fail they don’t really do something to help them. That’s why you find most kids in schools failing and when you asked they telling you that they are playing well they are the ones that should get them not to play during school time. The teacher must be credited a lot because he did something that people didn’t think of.

Some of the things that are happening in schools should be checked by the teachers because they are other parents that should be kept cool. But it looks like things have changed this nowadays because you’d find a student busy arguing with a teacher about something that he doesn’t even know. That’s why most teachers just relaxing when those kids are disrespecting them sometimes in schools, and they should stop with what they are doing because they might fail a lot. It has been said that most kids are failing because of all of that, and they are right because there is no teacher that would write that on your script while you are not working properly with them.


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