A Man Died A Week After Getting Married || See How He Reportedly Died: RIP

A Man Died A Week After Getting Married || See How He Reportedly Died: RIP

A young woman has been left in pain after losing her husband. Indeed it’s a great pain to lose a loved one and the pain never fades away. Another woman has revealed that her world has been shattered after losing her husband a week after getting married. From celebrating their union to saying goodbye a week later. It must be the most heartbreaking thing to go through. She had hopes that she would grow old with her husband and build a a beautiful family.

This was supposed to be her happiest moment in life celebrating her marriage and starting a new life but things ended so badly. Sadly she will not be able to live her dram life anymore. She has revealed that mourning for her husband is really painful and she feels like dying too so that she can follow him. When people lose their loved ones, they always feel that life has been unfair to them and start to feel that they do not deserve to live at all.

A week ago families and friends gathered to celebrate their union, but now they will be gathering to say goodbye to him for the last time.It is alleged that her husband was poisoned at a gathering but the question is why. Sadly he was confirmed dead on arrival at the hospital. It’s possible that this was done because of jealousy. People are always being adviced to be vigilant when around people. This will forever bring pain to her for as long as she lives.


People have been sending messages to the families during this painful time. Others have revealed that she should seek help in order to be able to deal with this pain. What is your take on this matter?, Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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