A Look Into Celebrities Who Graduated For PhD In 2021 Number One Will Leave You In Tears

A Look Into Celebrities Who Graduated For PhD In 2021 Number One Will Leave You In Tears

Date: 02 January 2022

It’s indeed true when they say one can never be too old for going back to school. We are living in a time where it’s no longer surprising to see people starting from the bottom at an old age. At any age, people are able to go back to school and achieve their goals. That is really encouraging more especially to youth who have already given up when it comes to going back to school. It’s motivating to those who think that it is all over. Well, today we celebrate these celebrities who graduated in 2021 and inspired others.

1. Dr. Sibongile Khumalo.

She was a South African jazz musician who had a big fan base internationally and worked so hard to achieve her dreams. She was honored with a third doctorate in Music by the Wits University on Wednesday. Unfortunately, she passed away last year before she could celebrate his achievement. Her death still breaks the hearts of many people in the country. May her soul continue to rest in peace

2. Noxolo Grootboom

She is a South African broadcast legend who has been in the broadcasting industry for more than thirty-seven years. She worked for SABC as a newsreader and presenter for a long time until last year when she left the team. Noxolo graduated last year in 2021 with her honorary doctorate from Rhodes University. Pictures of her graduation went viral and many people congratulated her for her achievement.

3.Zakes Mda

He is a South African author who has published many books and is regarded as one of the best in the industry. He was honored for an honorary doctorate by the Durban University of Technology.

4. Lungelo Gumede

He is a South African award-winning sculptor who is known for doing exceptional work all over the world. He graduated with his doctorate in Arts and Wax Sculpting from Good Shepherd College in KwaZulu-Natal in November.

5.Shauwn Mkhize

She is a South African television actress and reality TV star. She is an award-winning international businesswoman of the year 2020. She is one of the few women in South Africa who are making it against all odds in the business industry. She was honored for her doctorate last year.

We need more people like these to keep motivating people not to give up. They are the true definition of hard work and patience. Congratulations to them. Share your views and follow for more news.

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