A look at this Zimbabwean teacher’s payslip is heartbreaking

A look at this Zimbabwean teacher’s payslip is heartbreaking

ZimLive News used its Twitter account to share a picture of a payslip alleged to be that of a Zimbabwean teacher. The reports regularly allege that the Zimbabwean teachers are not happy with the salaries they are receiving. The alleged picture of a payslip of a Zimbabwean teacher will break your heart.

In the above copy of the payslip, the net salary of the teacher is RTGS$16,308.When the amount is converted, it gives about US$95 on the widely-used market for currency exchange. When this is converted into South African Rands, it is almost R1400 as confirmed belowThis is not a joke, it is an actual payslip alleged to be that of a Zimbabwean teacher for the recent month of September. The Zimbabwean teachers have been calling for adjustments regarding their salaries to revert to the minimum of US$520 which was the case a couple of years back.

However, their requests have been falling onto deaf ears as they keep being paid in Zimbabwean dollars whose value on the exchange market is low.

To imagine that a trained University Graduate who studied four years at a higher learning institution is being paid R1400 is a slap in the face. It is for this reason that the teachers from Zimbabwe are leaving the country to teach in other countries. The salaries being paid to the teachers are too low and there is a great need for the Zimbabwean government to adjust the amounts that are paid to teachers as salaries.

It is heartbreaking to note what the Zimbabwean teachers are going through. The R1400 is not enough to pay for other expenses such as rent, food, electricity, water, and other important expenditures.

What do you think should be done to help save the education sector of Zimbabwe? Considering the hard work of the teachers, do you think that being paid R1400 is justifiable?

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