A house Caused a lot of TENSION on internet, people are saying it’s not safe and needs inspection

A house Caused a lot of TENSION on internet, people are saying it’s not safe and needs inspection


When building houses in our villages back home, there will be lots of things people will say about your house especially if that house is the only big how with its own design in the area. However, it’s always advisable to always look for house engineers before attempting to build such houses so they can check if the house is safe or strong.

Pictures of a house built in a village broke the internet after many people said it was not safe at all. It’s a double-story house with both downstairs and upstairs parking lot. Comments from people were that it didn’t look strong enough nor safe to keep people in the house. Others even suggested that the owner should demolish the upper side to f the house and start afresh. There are also those who said it’s only people who are jealous and that the house was looking beautiful without any faults.



Houses like these with a weak foundation will surely bring the entire house to its knees. This type of design and building needs proper planning. Don’t just build to finish. You will run at a loss should the house be swept away with rain or happen to fall along the way. Inspection needs to be done also before family members can move in and start using the house. According to me, it’s not jealousy but rather advice. You can also see on the fountain that it’s week, the upper side of the house is too heavy for the downstairs to be able to handle.

What do you think about this house? Do you think it’s in the right condition? If not, what can be done to fix it and make sure the amount of money already lost gets recovered? Please share your comments below. Don’t forget to like, share and follow me.

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