A 31-Year-Old Mother Of Three Was Found Murdered In Kraaifontein: R.I.P. Carlon Titus

A 31-Year-Old Mother Of Three Was Found Murdered In Kraaifontein: R.I.P. Carlon Titus

Carlon Titus, a 31-year-old mother of three was found murdered in Kraaifontein, Cape Town. The tragic incident is something that is completely inexcusable, and the authorities have to do everything in their power to ensure that they can be able to apprehend the suspects who are involved in these criminal activities.

The woman was murdered in cold blood and it seems to be a tragic case where the perpetrators of crimes had pounced on her and at this moment the police are still conducting investigations to see if they can arrest anyone who may be involved in the crime of killing her.

At this moment these two men who allegedly attacked her are still roaming free and no one can really say what motivated this horrible attack on the poor woman to such an extent where she was eventually killed in that incident, this is a very tragic crime that has been committed and the family of the bereaved want some kind of justice from this incident.

Carlon was found stabbed and beaten to death with a hockey stick on the side of the highway opposite Scottsville in Kraaifontein, violent attacks on women are not uncommon in the country with many cases being reported to the police about every day and that is definitely a serious problem that the people of this country experience.

It is believed that she was attacked by two men but no one has been arrested yet, it is completely unforgivable that men can simply attack women on the streets and take lives but not suffer any repercussions for their actions and that is something that is completely unforgivable and has to be investigated and dealt with.

The woman is survived by her family and possibly a child so you can imagine that this is definitely not a good look for the woman to have died in a tragic way, and have been killed by suspects for no apparent reason and that is not right.


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