SAD: Prayers pour in for Connie Ferguson after she revealed this and fans worry it’s Covid

SAD: Prayers pour in for Connie Ferguson after she revealed this and fans worry it’s Covid

Prayers pour in for Connie Ferguson after what she revealed on Twitter (Covid fear)

The filmmaker and veteran actress, Connie Ferguson has had fans worried and they have started to pray for her.

Connie Ferguson has not had it easy since the death of her husband, Shona Ferguson and now there are fears she could also be positive to this pandemic which took her husband last year.

Even though the lockdown regulations have eased but the Covid 19 is still here with us and people are still being infected.

We have seen many people testing positive and even get sick, however, it is good when they are vaccinated as they only experience mild illness.

Many people who have been vaccinated have not been admitted to the hospital since they don’t have any severe illness compared to the unvaccinated.

This is why Connie Ferguson is still doing well despite the symptoms of Covid 19.

On Friday, Connie Ferguson took to Twitter to share some sad news and had her fans feeling very concerned.

Connie complained that she had been without her sense of taste for far too long.

Although Connie did not reveal that her illness is connected to Covid-19, many people suspect that she has it and they have taken to the comments section to wish her a speedy recovery.

Others shared their own stories of how they were feeling like this when they had the virus, they explained the experiences they had and how they survived.

One of her fans commented on the tweet and urged Connie to remain strong as her kids still need her, she must fight, whatever it is, and overcome.

Connie has been grieving the loss of her husband, Shona Ferguson. The legendary actor and filmmaker passed away on 30th July 2021 at the Milpark Netcare hospital in Johannesburg due to Covid-19 related complications.

He had been struggling with his health lately on those days as they first thought perhaps it was flue until he got admitted.

Shona was taken some tests and it was confirmed that indeed it is the COVID-19 related complications.


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